If you have a railway annual pass that hasn't been used because of the virus, you can get a refund with no trouble at all and all
I ask is a donation in the amount of your choice to the Thames hospice charity which you can easily access from this website.
During this time I have been thinking of different ways to support nurses and medical care during this tough time and I hope
you will consider donating to help them too.

This also has a personal connection

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There is no downside in doing this as you won't be losing money and you will be helping a local charity and on top of that, you don't have to do any of the work as I will do it all for you. Once you have your refund, I ask you to click on the link below and donate a percentage of your refund to the charity. Any amount of money helps the nurses and patients with treatment. I know how precious your time is during lockdown and how busy you are which is why I am offering to do all this for you. From my family's experience I know how much of a pain and effort it is too go through all this, therfore you probably don't want to go through all that trouble which I will do for you. After I sumbit your application one of two will happen, you will either get the refund straight back on to the card that you used to pay for the ticket or, I will be emailed a code which I will inform you by email and you will get a phone call to confirm the code and tell them your card details. All you have to do is email the email address below with the
following details:


I have chosen to donate the money to Thames hospice charity because I think it's important to give our community the care it needs as the virus spreads. Thames hospice cares and supports local families facing terminal illness. Patients with COVID will be cared in single rooms and patients without COVID will be in shared wards. Complementary therapy treatments are offered to patients for non-COVID patients. Your money can change people's lives and any amount helps. 20 pounds buys protective clothing for a nurse, 50 pounds pays for cleaning and laundry each day, 80 pounds pays for one hour of specialist medical care and 100 pounds pays for twelve hours of pain-relieving drugs which can do so much!


Well, when I was in my garden with my family having fun, I thought how lucky we are to be in this situation as we are not affected by the virus as much as most. I wanted to help the people in need and I was trying to figure out ways how to. I shared my idea with my parents and brother and my dad helped me come up with this idea. Since my dad had an annual pass and told me how he doesn't have any time to fill out the form to obtain the refund, although it would be great if he could, he asked if I could do it for him during my free time. Together we thought that many others wouldn't want to do this either, since it's too difficult to refund it with such little time, so we decided it could be a good business idea to help charity!

Click here to access the charity's website

Contact at this email address: